Thursday, March 4, 2010

A day in Oxford

So, we embarked on a day trip to Oxford...and I shall let the pictures do the lazy these days...

Today, I don't feel like writing much, as I'm down with flu and slight sore throat. I was already not feeling well yesterday, but I headed out to city center as well. Want to know the reasons for it?
Well, stay tune for my hauls..Lolx!

Anyway, like my new background??
For those who have seen my previous blog settings, it sucks right?
YP was telling me how ugly it look, and I was complaining about the picture being on the left. Was wondering why was I unable to direct the top picture to the center.
Lolx...and now, after asking my sister about it, I finally have my very own new settings.

Love it?


Samantha Lau said...

babe, don't see any background. Or the grey plain IS the background? :)

Erny said...

Sam: so-called background is the grey colour thingy.
haha...wait got time, will redo a bit bit..

MKL said...

Erny, someone should color your life.. no blog, no life... ah... :P

I like your blog now, grey is not bad :)

Samantha Lau said...

haha.. no worries babe. It looks alright though! :) Mine's purely white.. LOL~ *my reason - lazy*