Friday, March 12, 2010

I met an accident

This is not a very pleasant experience.

Was back from buying some necessities. Was about to cross the road which has 3 lanes, the 3rd lane was the nearest to me.
The traffic light turned red. The car on the first lane stopped. I noticed there was no car on the second, and so, my blurred out mind, did not think any further bout the 3rd lane car.
Like, why? Cause anyway, the traffic light is red, and there is a car which has already stopped.


Something bang hard on my left thigh, I rolled up on to the bonnet of the car, bounced few meters away, landed on the road, glided few more meters away before i finally came to an abrupt stop.

My legs were in pain. My hands were shaking. I was freak out. I couldn't stand, couldn't get up.
Students and some other drivers came frantically. A guy was yelling to others not to touch me. Everyone thought a broken bone is definite. But as I was in the middle of the road. They finally decided to carry me to the side.

I was so traumatized, I was crying so badly over the phone asking my friends to come over.

Someone called for ambulance as, trust me, if you were there, you would thought, I'm either dead for sure, or at least, have some broken bones. I didn't exactly bounced off the car bonnet. More like flew.

I suffered bruises everywhere on my legs. The left thigh is slowly swelling as I'm typing here. My right toe has been hurt, and the foot is also slowly swelling. I have bruises on my right knees, and some cuts to the side, near my pelvic bone. My right shoulder and arm can't be lifted.

The nurse said I'll be having terrible aching tomorrow onwards, and ask me to purchase some pain killers to consume.
I did not.

The nurse explained that, if the car had not tried swaying a little to the left to avoid me, I'll be knocked upfront, and then, a few broken bones will be DEFINITE. He kept telling me just how lucky I was to be clipped by the side of the car, though I was sent rolling on to the top of the bonnet, and flew like superman over the road, it was a very lucky accident.

I don't consider it lucky though. I am guessing that cause I am relatively small, when the car knock me, and sent me hitting my entire front side of my body on the bonnet and flew, the impact was not big. Not because the car was slow. It was because I was like a little round ball, bouncing on top of the car, and bouncing back onto the road.

YP rushed over after receiving calls from my friend, and we were sent to the hospital in an ambulance. YP was trying to joke, by telling me, just how funny the culture in UK, cause the ambulance came, and a paramedic, I assumed should be a nurse, and a driver came to carry me into the ambulance, and one was a lady, one was a man.
And guess what, the lady turned out to be the driver, and the man was the nurse???!!!
Lady as driver of the ambulance??? And the Mr.Macho was the nurse? Joke of the century man!

I had to deal with the police later on. I don't know whether it was the right thing to do, as the police asked me whether I want to press charges against the driver, and I instantly, without thinking, said no.
Is it unusual for people to not sue when they get knock down in UK? Because the policemen were obviously very surprise when I said "no" firmly. He kept asking, again and again, and told me I can bring this case to court. I said I am fine, I'm still alive, there is no need to cause anyone any trouble.

But I am so sad. I may not be able to attend the All England final this Sunday. And guess what, Lee Chong Wei just won today's round. Fuck! If he gets to the final, no matter how swollen are my legs, I think I will still limp my way there. I need to support Malaysia!!


Bits of My Life said...

Just read your blog, dear. rest well and take good care k? i'm going for All England Finals this sunday too. Hope you will be recover by then! Hugs. :)

AnnWorld said...

you sure don wanna press charges against that idiot? can claim insurance y'know? 4 all u noe u need d money to buy medicine and some 'pour herbal soup' to eat after that.By that time it will be too late baby...Wish u get well soon..You shook all of us till there was no electricity in TAMAN GOLF...

Shingo T said...

I would have pressed charges if I was you. It won't turn back time, and even if you don't hate the guy, I thought he deserves to be "brought to justice" or something.

Nonetheless, it's a relief to know that you are back in 1 piece. If you feel any pain or weirdness in any part of your body, DO NOT hesitate to go to the doctore ASAP.

Erny said...

Yin Nee: Thank you!

Shingo-T: Yes I did regret a little bout not pressing charge on the driver, esp that she kept telling the police and the public that I was wrong, because my pedestrian light has not turned green yet. But, obviously, it was indeed my turn to walk, cause the traffic light turn red. And all the police was interested in wasn't whether my pedestrian light was green or not. But on whether her traffic light was red or not. And true,it was red. and witnesses all said red. I think, the police will press charges against her though.

Erny said...

Shingo T: It is a "she" driver.

AnnWorld said...