Saturday, March 20, 2010

Farewell Party for all Fellow "Willowers"

It was a heart wrenching night for all of us.
18.03.10, one day before everyone slowly pack up and prepare to either head home, or to pursue different paths in life.
We celebrated our very own farewell party, not with alcohol, and late night party in Willow House, but by having this memorable buffet dinner in a Chinese restaurant.
We ate so much, and I was glad my usually reclusive bf agreed to tag along too, and he did enjoy himself that night, gorging down everything he could lay his hands on.
Though it was just a 6months stay together, I guess it was quite hard for us to bid farewell to each other.
Yesterday, 19.03.10, I moved all my stuff down to the bf's room. Today, I have half of my friends gone already. Some, off to travel, two, headed home, and the rest preparing to leave tomorrow. I look around, and there was feeling of loneliness. I was told, I would most probably be the last to leave Willow House, and I just hope it won't leave that much of an impact on the bf then.
Separation teaches us to appreciate what we have now. I'm just glad it didn't take me longer to realise so. At least, I'll still be heading for my Europe Trip with some friends, I'm sure to make the best out of it!!!

Photos of that night!

#1 Some of my friends who always call me Little Princess. Cause I'm like the spoiled brat in my flat!

#2 On my left, "Guai bao bao" the guy who owns the RM12,000.00 camera! And my right, my another so-called"husband".

#3 I thought this photo focus more on me rather than the two in front.

#4 They thought of creating a marriage ceremony-like photo. =.='''




#8 Happy Happy Willowers!!




Ning said...

ur hair needs a trim. =p

and where got colour??

Erny said...

Ning: No money is like that lo...cannot go cut hair!
Yah..u know, the more i wash my hair, the colour fade out lah, rather than becoming brighter!!!