Monday, March 8, 2010

A piece of me, March 2010

I'm always late on my "A Piece of Me"
Pardon me for that!

This month....

I like: That I am going to finish my dissertation soon. 2000words more and THE END!

I don't like: That I will need to plan for my future soon.

I want you to know: I've learned well about the saying, "Let Go"

I've planned: To head to Lion's land, where abundant opportunities awaits me.

I want to say to someone special: To everyone out there!! I feel contented with life so far. What I have, what I plan to own, and I'll open my arms to whatever that may come by my way in the future, for better or worse, it is the challenges in life, that makes it worth living for.

Well, guess what people??
I have finally dyed my hair.
So, yesterday, after the few attempts to choose a proper hair dye- the brand, the colour, the shades, I have finally bought myself shades of blonde. Yes. You read me well. BLONDE. Hah! Because I was sure as hell, nothing would appear on my jet black hair.

Later in the evening I told my bf I'll be having chit chat session with my fellow friends. And there it went, excruciating hour, sitting there, while my dear friend tried applying tonnes of chemical on my hair, pulling and tugging at it, trying to ensure the dye was spread evenly across my hair.

The final moment came, when I stepped into the bathroom, shower myself, and applied lotsa conditioner to my poor damaged hair. And there and then, I could see my reflection in the mirror, glimpse of brown shines....*shhiiittt....* I was so nervous, because usually when the hair is wet, you can hardly see any colour. This applies to home dye kit. Home dye kit has lesser chances of success rate. But I am, standing, and looking at my wet, and brownish looking hair.

After I blew dry my hair, and confirmed I look like a pretty new girl from the block...I went to find my bf. Stroll in casually to his room, and there, first glance at me, and as usual he stared back at his lappie. Then, horrified, he took another turn. STARED! And ask, "what???! You DYED your hair??"
I was giggling, and couldn't stop dancing around.
"Do I look nicer?"
-"You look like some malnutrition kid"-
WTF? Enough said.
I love my hair colour for now.


Hayley said...

Show your hair! :P

MKL said...

Yeah, show us a pic of your new hair :)

Hooi Ling said...


danielchowtzeyoong said...

pics pics?!?! malnutrition kid?? LOL :p

Shingo T said...

Lion's land? Haha, Singapore comes to mind (Lion City), but not sure if you are referring to somewhere else.

Haha, photos of your new hair, by popular request?

Erny said...

haha...everybody...the time will come.....I'll show my hair soon! LOLx!!

Shingo T: Yes!! Singapore!! Singapore!!!