Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glorious Moment for Malaysia!

I insisted in going to watch the All England final.
Though my legs hurt, I was limping my way there. I know, I need to go witness Malaysia's victory for the day!
And sure enough, our country's Lee Chong Wei, did not let anyone down that day!

See, he was sooooo effing near to me!!!! But too bad, he refused to turn his head.
And sorry for some blurry pictures. The stupid moron kid besides me keep shaking the bar in front of me, knowingly my body was against the bar, and obviously, I was also shaken by it. Damn him.
Especially when he saw me snapping away at Lee Chong Wei, while he was yelling "Tago!! Tago!!!", he started using his head to block me. Trust me! He moved his freaking stupid ridiculous looking head right in front of my face. And when I tried bending lower, he went lower too, when I tried shifting my head to the right to avoid his head, he went right too! Bloody fool little guy. And he looks about 10 years old only. If this happens in Malaysia, I would have bloody yelled at him!

There were soooo many Malaysians that day.
Shouting and cheering.
The best part was when the game just started, someone from the crowded shouted
"Belasah Sama Dia!!!"
And everyone burst out laughing.
To be somewhere out from Malaysia, that is when one can feel, that we are truly, One Malaysia!
Being in Malaysia, One Malaysia is total bullshit! Racism happens everywhere you go in Malaysia, and the government dares say One Malaysia???

But here, in Birmingham, I was sitting beside a Malay family wearing Malaysia Boleh shirt. And right behind me, an Indian Boy was sitting with Malaysia's flag on his lap, waiting to cheer.

We definitely don't see unity in Malaysia.
We can only witness unity during a Badminton match.

Everyone was shouting:
"Malaysia, Boleh!"
Then it became:
"Lee Chong Wei, Boleh!"
Then Malaysians creativity kick in, and it became:
"Misbun, Boleh!"

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danielchowtzeyoong said...

then daniel comes along... erny boleh!!