Monday, March 1, 2010

Beauty Products

I have been going back and forth, trying to finish up my analysis part for my dissertation, and reading up on makeup reviews, as well as watching makeup tutorials over youtube. Very informative indeed.
I know, I don't look like a makeup freak because you'll rarely chance upon myself in photos, having smack on my face all the makeup products I have. But, truth is, I am obsessed with makeup. *giggles*

Let me have a look at my current makeup bag....
I came all the way from Malaysia to UK with the most minimal makeup stuff I needed then, and the stack grew as i slowly, and steadily started collecting more makeup as UK has lots of brands that can't be found in Malaysia. *Damn, I shouldn't have brought anything, actually*

1. a small saucer pan for my mineral makeup
2. Dior eyeliner sharpener *came free when I purchase my Dior eyeliner*
3. Everydaymineral flat top kabuki brush
4 .Coastal Scents eye blending brush
5. Coastal Scents lip brush
6. Ecotools blush brush
7. Shu Uemura eyelash curler
8. Etude House eyeliner brush
And I added into my collection....
9. Gosh eyebrow brush
10. Ecotools powder brush *YP bought it for me*
11. Sephora retractable kabuki brush

Makeup Products
1. Bobbi Brown liquid foundation *cost me so much, despite me feeling really happy having it, cause it is an awesome product, I seriously doubt I'll go into such impulse purchase ever again*
2. Bobbi Brown pressed powder *love this. Expensive too, but I'm so going to get it again.*
3. Loreal Double extension mascara *stated to be waterproof, but failed to do so*
4. NYX lipgloss in Lollipop * used to hate it, cause it wasn't as pigmented as I wanted it to be, but now I absolutely love it*
5. Dr.G BB cream *great product. Team it up with an expensive pressed powder, such as Bobbi Brown's, you can wave goodbye to conventional foundation*
6. Everydayminerals blusher, 3 shades- Pink Ribbon, Walkee Talkee, and Theme Park * I have countless blusher at home. I simply love collecting them. My most important "can't live without" makeup product.*
7. Anna Sui mascara
8. Kate eyeshadow palette in BK-1
9. Benefit eyeshadow base *expensive and useless product*
10. Skinfood gel eyeliner
11. Dior eyeliner in black
12. Revlon eyeliner in brown
13. Korean glitter eyeliner
And I added to my collection...
14. Monistat chaffing relief powder-gel *i know, this product is like for some feminine hygiene stuff, but trust me, do some reading up, and you'll realise abundant of people use it as make up primer.*

Now, I guess, I'll need to do some shopping to buy a bigger makeup case.
Cause I am darn sure, I'll be adding more before I head home.

Some time ago, I remember, when I was in Hong Kong for holiday, and I bought myself this Sephora lipgloss, obviously, having something new, I couldn't stop applying it. Before food, after food, in the toilet, in the tour bus...wherever, and whenever I have the chance to do some touch ups. This seemingly nice aunty then told my mum, how lucky it is, for us youngster to be able to use lipgloss only. Cause we still look good having lipgloss on, while for "old" people like her and my mum, they will need to apply lipstick instead, in order to look good. I have no idea why is there a difference, seriously.

I just had a casual chat with my friend over msn, and she was asking me about nude lippies, and I was telling her about me, looking for coral colour lippies, and about my bestfriend having pink lippies on during CNY, I couldn't help it but wonder, are we aging already? The fact that I have never really been into lipgloss, let alone lipstick?? And now, all I do is to read reviews, and watch swatches of different lipsticks, I think, I am catching up with my mum now....*scary*


Hooi Ling said...

Not surprised to see you blogging about this.Hahaha!!!

Erny said...

Ling: inspired me to blog..:-p

danielchowtzeyoong said...

u should jus bring everytin back to malaysia then start collecting again :p

Erny said...

You have a point...:-)