Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Proud to be a Malaysian...for once...hah!

Pictures of the day....a trip to Bicester Village....

They say, "you gotta lose it, before you learn to appreciate it"
Now, I am going to proudly proclaim myself as a Happy Malaysia citizen.
Staying in UK for this past few months have taught me to see how being a Malaysian bring so much advantage to myself. Besides realizing that we are very privileged to be allowed the golden opportunity to learn our language, as in, Chinese.
Malaysia is where we belong. And where we should feel grateful of being in. Regardless of some unfair circumstances that arise, we can, however, call Malaysia our much beloved home.
Being Malaysian, we are free to practice our desired language, say, chinese, malay, english, hokkien, cantonese...hakka...
I always love it when YP brings me out to meet some of his friends, and they will be so amazed that I could speak Chinese language....they usually ask me, like,
"how come you can understand Mandarin (chinese language)?"
"because I am a Chinese??? *duh*"
"but, you're from Malaysia"
"so? I attended Chinese school back then"
"you have Chinese school??"
*Ah-bo-then????*....obviously, I didn't reply that way.
Why I love being a Malaysian? Cause I can understand Mandarin!

And this particular scenario that got me feeling amused by myself, the fact that we, Malaysians, are indeed different, because we understand many languages.
I was sitting at the train station, waiting....and there, by my side, were three Malays.
There are many China Chinese in Birmingham, and one will least expect yourself (if you're a Malay) to be seated just next to one, who is from Malaysia. Hah!
So, being oblivious to the fact that I could understand what they were speaking, they started cracking random jokes. The guy was hilarious. And the two girls were laughing along.
I nearly burst out into laughter too, but I was adamant not to let them know I am a Malaysian, cause I wanted to listen to their conversation. Hah!
Why I love being a Malaysian? Cause I can understand Malay language!

I realize that, because Malaysia emphasizes a lot on English, we are somehow, brought up to speak proper and fluent English. We don't face communication problems here. Just like how, most China students, they struggle a lot due to language barrier . This is what got me thinking, that I thank God, I do not need to deal with such thing.
Why I love being a Malaysian? Cause I can understand English!!

I am so tired, I just came back from a trip to Cardiff, and Liverpool. Liverpool football club is such a disappointment. Nothing comparable to Man U stadium at all. This is such a sad thing to all Liverpool fans out there. Lolx...
Anyway, pictures will be up in my next post, I guess....


MKL said...

It's always fun to speak many languages, huh? :)

Hayley said...

Yea, one of advantages is able to understand Mandarin, Malay, English, Hokkien, Cantonese etc.. it's really convenient when we travel oversea.. not bad eh? ;)