Thursday, January 21, 2010


What I'm going to blog about has nothing to do with these pictures. These are just photos of my Poland trip. Kinda miss snow, now that it is gone. How weird and ironic human can be.
Ok, back to my topic of the day.
These days, I've been watching tonnes of horror movies. I was never really a big fan of scary, blood splattering movies. With constant scenes on how the bodies are being cut up by some psychopath, or eaten up by zombies?? EEewww.....
Last night, this horrendous movie, " The Hills Have Eyes", was the last straw. I could not put up with any of these anymore. I was telling YP, to stop downloading all these fuck up movies. It is bad enough to be imagining spiritual stuff and ghouls, now that I have to add to the list with blood thirsty cannibals and dead bodies walking around - ZOMBIES! I am so gonna swear myself off any dark place. Such movies DO NOT do any good for one's mental or physical state. My advice.....STOP WATCHING!
However, if you're a big fan of horror movies, I would like to hightlight one point here. Do any of you realise, that there is something common with all the horror movies?? The coward one always either die first, or they end up dying no matter what. None of the movies allow the coward character to successfully walk off at the end of the show, with the hero& heroin.
And the best part of it, every movie, will definitely have a coward character, who choses to leave the team, or to act stupid, like start shooting randomly, or walk about challenging the predator, whereas, the hero and heroin will like, hide and start drawing out a wise plan to escape. =.='''
It often makes me wonder...if it happens in real life, how likely is it for someone to say,
"hey guys, if you people insist on proceeding down this tunnel, I'm leaving, I'm so going to walk outside on my own, and I'm fucking sure I'll be able to get myself out safely."....and the next minute, you see this Mister Macho, striding off on his very own rescue-himself mission....????
I will personally chose to stick to my teammates/friends/group of people.....for better or worse. As I strongly believe, the more, the better.
I guess I better stop now. Why am I even thinking off rescuing myself from such situation?? Shit, you know what's running through my mind now??
the movie, "SAW"'ll understand why, if you have watched it before.


danielchowtzeyoong said...

agree! me don lik to watch too...

MKL said...

None of the movies allow the coward character to successfully walk off at the end of the show, with the hero& heroin.

Oh yea, I'd like to see that, too, hehe. Never seen it :P

I watch horror movies rarely, I don't sleep very well after that :)

Hayley said...

I'm not a big fan of horror movies.. but i do enjoy watching the nice ones.. lol..

yep, most cowards die first.. so, show no fear no matter whats coming our way! :)

Stefanie said...

I've trained to be BRAVE for watching horror movie due to one of my hunny loves and scares it at the same time. So, normally my hand will feel kinda painful after the movie. Don't know why she likes to pull my hand. -.-'

HalFink said...

如此活躍的文字, 妳好棒哦! ....................................................

Shingo T said...

I like "Saw".
And I like "The hills have eyes".

Gosh, am I sadistic?