Saturday, January 16, 2010

My little secret

What is the ultimate beauty product that every girl should have in her bag?? I know,, it could range from good cleanser, to effective toner, to a rich moisturiser.....and even to stuff like,
"I can't freaking live without an eyeliner"
"I use mascara every shit day"
"I can't leave my home without sunblock"
For me, my current "IT" product, would be a good bottle of VITAMIN E.
Yes! The most versatile product ever.
I have this....this very exact bottle of vitamin E, and I sure lurve it to bits...and I'll tell you why.

Function No.1
I'm sure everyone should have already known darn well that Vitamin E is taken as supplementary food. It is stated behind the bottle that I can mix 5 drops into my drinks each day to promote better health. But, yeah, though its main use is for health reason, this is the only benefit of Vitamin E that I totally ignore. I don't consume it.

Function No.2
Any scar?? Vitamin E is famous for healing scar. Many people often talks bout Bio Oil. But, I don't know, I swear by this bottle of thing to heal my scar, though haven't really noticed any differences to my scar, I cross my fingers, hoping it does its expected function well.

Function No.3
I mix this with my body lotion. After many many many applications, I realise I slowly achieve really smooth skin. Anyway, it helps save the amount of lotion I use, as a tiny drop combined with the lotion is adequate to make the lotion feels thicker in texture.

Function No.4
Love it or hate it, you can't deny the fact that it serves well as a moisturiser, though I wouldn't really recommend it for Malaysia weather. But it works splendid here. However, if apply during the night before heading to bed, I think it is quite usable in Malaysia. That is what my friend has been doing, and she has a very well maintained complexion.

Function No.5
I use it as hair serum. Hah. I really don't know how many people have tried it out before, but I was a big fan of Kerastase hair serum, costing RM75 per bottle. Was nearly going to purchase the next bottle when I realise, my Vitamin E works wonder on my hair. More amazing than the effing expensive Kerastase. The best part, all you need, is just THAT tiny little drop . Hair smooths out, and becomes frizz free. I apply it after I blow dry my hair.

Function No.6
Ok, I don't know whether this works or not. I have yet to tried it out. I just stumbled upon this forum, with someone posting before and after pictures of her eyelashes. They grew longer, and became healthier looking. She uses Vitamin E on her eyelashes, applying it with a clean mascara wand. I am so excited now, can't wait to give that a shot too.
Better than wasting money buying the eyelash serum from Sasa.....I paid a freaking RM80+ for a 2ml eyelash serum - Kji & Co before I came to UK as my eyelashes were dropping like mad.

Cool item, no? And it cost only 5.99pound.
Everyone SHOULD get themselves one.


Hayley said...

Ok, if you ask what are the beauty must have in my bag, they are mirror, facial blotters, tissue, nail balm and lip balm.. haha ;)

Ning said...

geez u're like taking over my job. i'm the pharmacist!

Erny said...

Hayley: Haha...nail balm?? Wow..I didn't even know that is essential. Lolx..

Ning: No, you reckon base on proof. I just simply hentam saja. Use lah....for everything.

Shingo T said...

You make Vitamin E's versatility sound like some miracle pill. ^_^

*dreams about the day he becomes more charming than he already is*