Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last story about London

Yeah, I know I should be blogging bout my awesome trip during New Year to Czeh and Poland, instead of still posting bout my long due story on London.
It should be, bye-bye Christmas.....and Hello new year!!
But too bad...I still like the idea of harping on backdated issue. :-p

So, we managed to witness this really funny performance going on in Covent Garden. I love that place. If you have read bout my previous post, I have been there before, and I chose to go there again! Cause I love not only the cupcakes, but also the very peaceful, and scenic view there.

So, as we walk on....and randomly board the tube, we found ourselves arriving at Liverpool street. Weirdly, there were hardly any souls around, and the weather was unbearably cold. Though I must say, it is far worse now....*I haven't stepped foot outside since I came back from Czeh, cause you can only see snow everywhere, and the idea of laying any one side of my feet on the patch of snow freaks the hell out of me. You know what? I left Birmingham, when it was cold, but bearable, arrived at a very chilly Prague, the town nearly froze me to death, and to my horrendous surprise, Poland got me one step away from crying my way home. It was terribly cold. And I was telling my friends then, that I bet heading back to Prague would make me feel like landing in heaven....and coming back to Birmingham, I would be striding around in Bikini. Too bad for me, cause the snow followed me....yes....ME!!! From Poland to Prague, because as we arrived back at Prague the last day, it started snowing....and when I came back to Birmingham....and to thank God I could see clear ground.......the very next was all covered with snow.*

Yes, this guy has never been inside a church before. He was at awed at every single things he could lay his eyes and itchy fingers on.

5 chances, and get 2 shots in the net, you'll win this back.
YP got it for me!

Poor thing is now staying with him. And he refused to allow it on bed. Said it is dirty. Am so pissed! But, I have no extra place for it either, so the poor thing is now sitting next to YP's dustbin in his room.


danielchowtzeyoong said...

go and dry clean that thing! :p

Stefanie said...

Wow! The second pic is cool! Is that actually someone else controlling it? If not, it will be really weird!

Shingo T said...

Invisible man, haha!

The stuff toy so big. can act as bed liao.

Manju said...

awwww your stuffed toy i BIG BIG BIG!!! love it!

Erny said...

Dan: Bad quality lo, I don't supposed worth us having it dry clean.

Stef: Yeap..I was amazed too, at first. Lolx...

Shingo T: Lolx...his head is actually at his neck!

Manju: LOlx..if you're here, I'll be willing to give it to u...LOlx..

Anonymous said...

lol@invisible man.