Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Learning from love

Should human go through many relationships before ending it in marriage?
Now, I'm starting to believe that, one can learn a lot, and I mean LOT, through being in a relationship. Regardless of whether it is a bitter, miserable, or a heart wrenching one. ...or even one that is super lovey dovey.
For you'll be able to comprehend, more about yourself, your wants, and to constantly improve yourself.
Relationship is the best way to make your first step to self improvement.
And I realise, everyday, I know a bit more about myself, see my flaws, understand them, and slowly, painstakingly, take the initiative to change for the better.
And this....

Do you believe, that one will change....for the situation, when you feel loved?
Or rather, individuals need inspiration to motivate every and each of their actions?
My ex used to tell me, that I didn't inspire him to want to treat me good.
Weirdly, all I could think of was, how the hell would an unhappy me go about inspiring him to treat me well. And why does treating me well lies with me inspiring him to do so??? Shouldn't it come from his wants and own effort to want to see me happy??

I guess, I was wrong. Not entirely. But, partly. A bit of it.
Gotta admit it...being too sensitive, is a HUGE imperfection that has long been embedded in me.
but, then again, most girls ARE sensitive.

I never saw it coming....that he (YP) kept it in tolerate the so-called, my "princess temper".
He is the peace loving type. Hardly believes that we need to voice out our differences in opinions, or to discuss about our likes or dislikes. To him, if can tolerate, TOLERATE lo. if can accommodate, ACCOMMODATE lo. if can give in, GIVE IN lo.
And that was how it led to the BIG fight...when finally all hell broke loose, because this girl here thinks she can ask for drumstick when given chicken wing.

Strangely, I wouldn't usually admit my mistake in a short span of time. Even after days of reflecting, I would choose to forget it when things start getting better.
But knowing that this guy here does indeed cherish me dearly, makes me feel upset to see him being pissed off by my behavior. I was all prepared to nod for a breakup then if he was to hand me the death sentence. Yet, him being all flared up, and not uttering "we're finish", makes me realise, I need to change for him.

And for that, I guess, what my ex used to say holds some truth in it,no?
Because, somehow, YP inspires me, to want to change...want to stop my unreasonable tantrums, and thankfully, he makes it easy for me to slowly turnover a new leaf.

In conclusion, from my previous relationship, I learn to put up with stuff that I shouldn't be tolerating at all, and from this relationship, I am learning to clear my temper and sensitivity. I guess, if I don't walk down the aisle with this guy, the next Mr might be the lucky one who gets a slightly wiser me.

Stupid looking me, trying to get amuse by the is that call ice??...whatever...
YP said this is a nice shot, so I am having it up in my blog first, before the rest of my trip pictures.


Hayley said...

Aww, this is a sweet post..
of course, relationship teaches us many valuable lessons. that someone is able to make us ponder on many things in life, like our temper for example... i've experienced that, and am improving everyday!

good luck babe!

Erny said...

Hayley! Thanks a lot....sometimes, we do need someone else to start reflecting on ourselves.

Ning said...

Good job best friend! Love this post. And i'm so sorry i've been so busy... will msn u soooon!

danielchowtzeyoong said...

nice picture!! but already lookin to the next??..don le...hehe... ;)

Edward Liew said...

wow,i didnt know what i say 3 quarter of a year earlier in the heat of the moment will appear on ur blog now, anyway u have take my words and put it way way out of context.. And you having to put up stuff that you shouldn't be tolerating at all, that is another wow! Really man, i hope you'd let bygones be bygones and what you have learned or improved on from previously, you put it into good use to strengthen ur current rship.. But there's really no need to open up the old can of worms and rub salt into old wounds anymore.. Please understand, thank you..