Monday, December 28, 2009

Damn embarrassing post for today+British Museum pictures 2

I am NOT going to Czeh tomorrow (29th).....I am going, day after tomorrow (30th). How could I get my date wrong?? Gosh....being too ignorant, I guess. :-)

Something really stupid happen today.
I was shopping at Birmingham City Centre....and so, my friend, HS and I saw sales going on in La Senza. bet your ass on it, we rush into it, started to do some serious scrutinizing, and ended up burying our head, looking at the wonderful female boxers on sales.
5 pieces for 12pound! What a steal!
The size listed was "S", and though "S" was obviously the smallest they have in the shop, we were skeptical we could fit our butt into those boxers. Maybe they were meant for the ang mohs....bigger, fuller, more voluptuous, we were debating, on whether to give it a shot.
Buy??? No buy???
And I'm sure most Malaysians, if not all, do this.....
take the pants/shorts/skirts/.....okay, in my case, female boxers, and have the top part a.k.a the waist line, round over our neck. If it fits perfectly, means, Bingo! If it doesn't, means, it is either too big or too small. Depending on whether there is excess at the end.
So, we tried that...not remembering, we were in Holly shit land.........EnglishLAND!!
Gosh....and boy, were all the customers, queuing up staring at us.
Bewildered, puzzled......and shock.
I bet they were thinking,
" What the fuck?? What are those Asians trying to do??? Boxers for the neck?? What?!! another different sex trick?"
Lolx.....embarrassment of the year, i guess....


Hayley said...

Eh, i thought that method only works for pants and skirts?? lol..

信任 said...
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Shingo T said...

You embarrased yourself, but you made me chuckle. =p

There's no stupidity here, just ignorance.

Live and learn. ^_^

Toothfairy said...


Happy nye!

You are featured on my latest post:


Erny said...


Toothfairy: Thanks!!