Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pictures of British Museum

This is why we are often advised to NOT buy pirated stuff.
Now, I totally get the point.
1) I am using pirated windows.
2) I am using pirated Microsoft office.
3) I am using pirated anti virus software.
And, therefore, I dare not click on any "update" button here, for I do NOT want to end up being thrown in jail, or fined. Knowingly, the Brits, are damn particular about copyrights, they could even track people downloading Hong Kong series!!
With all those mess, my poor laptop, with its very outdated software could no longer function well. And uploading pictures regardless of in facebook, or blog, is always met with the result - "upload failed, please try again".
Therefore, with wonderful friends, I am allowed to use her laptop for awhile, hence, these are the few photos, I am able to upload for now.
My trip to British Museum!

Main entrance.....

This is just the first part....I have saved the mummies pictures for my next post.
But I guess, that may need to wait till a week or so day after, I'm heading to Czeh Republic and Poland for my awesome new year countdown!.
Till then...lots of love from me to all readers whom I have regarded as my friends....Happy New Year!


danielchowtzeyoong said...

wei, y u change ur blog list format...cant find link to ning's blog now........

Erny said...

bits for here and there...

Shingo T said...

The last time I visited a musuem was in Paris. I fell asleep on the chair. *blush*

YP is taller than you by a head, but nonetheless a very compatible couple. You looked blissfully in love. ^_^

Toothfairy said...

Happy new year to you too!

I haven't been in a museum for a while as well, and also, the last time was the Louvre in Paris. but I didn't fell asleep like Shingo did... I liked it there! :P


Erny said...

Shingo T : Yeah...I am a little too short to stand beside him actually. Lolx...How could u fall asleep in a museum!! Oh gosh!

Toothfairy: Seems like, Paris has nice museum that I should visit, huh? haha....:-)

Edward Liew said...

eh i hate to be correcting you but the country is called Czech Republic you ignorant tourist lol. ;pl