Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blogging from London!

So, we departed in the cold, freezing weather of good old Birmingham, at catch our much anticipated trip to London. YP, his flatmate, Christiana, and I, diligently got ourselves pack up, with food and clothes.
I wasn't very happy with him, for he literally forced me to throw out most of my clothes, cause he wanted to fit both of our stuff into just one miserable bag pack of his. Being a girl, of course I was all against it. HELLO! Holidays, mean, I wana dress up nicely for great pictures, make sure I look good enough to strike poses everywhere I go.
And being a MALE, obviously, all he wanted was convenience. No matter how I argued, he insisted in, the lesser the better. Finally I gave in, for he assured me, that if there is ever the need for more clothes, he'll buy me some. Moreover, I am supposed to find some clothes I like, so that he can get me my Christmas present!
I guess, it shouldn't be a good time for travelling, we were cold, and the rain drizzled on us. We spent hours trying to locate our hotel- Rose Court Hotel, situated in Paddington Station. We were walking in circles before we were shown our way, escorted (to be more precise) by a kind pedestrian..all the way to the doorstep. *damn embarrassing*.
First stop after checking into the hotel, was of course, lunch, which we ate Burger King. Pathetic. I am going to drag that MALE to taste some good food in London, maybe I'll force him to Bayswater.
Next stop was to British Museum. It was separated to few different categories. The China history, the Roman history, the Egyptian history...and the British history. I have always been a big fan of museums. But this really caught my attention. It didn't turn out to be the typical type of museum, with very ancient stuff on display,and after a few checkout, one, will conclude, everything looks the same. It was, however, very amusing. Old stuff, arranged in a modernised way.....*does it make sense?? No? Ah well, I don't know how to explain it. :-p*
Pictures will paint a thousand words. I'll leave it to my future post, when I get back to Birmingham, in the comfort of my room, and upload my wonderful pictures. For today, itself, I have taken nearly a hundred pictures. Hope to flood my blog with photos...*looks like a boring blog nowadays*
We were dead tired. So, now, back in Rose Court, and here I am trying to prove to YP that there IS indeed wireless connection provided, by going online on my own *I'm a computer noob, and I actually need assistance to get most of my techno stuff done*, and there he is, a dead log. I feel like turning over, and slap him right into his face, drag him out from sleep, and force him to stare at me typing. But, no, I will be sent off, first train back to Birmingham tomorrow, if I dare pull such stunt on him. He ain't being very generous with patience these days. *argh*


The Envoy said...

Ah, my second home. I'm starting to miss it somewhat

Hayley said...

I understand how you feel, guys always wanted everything easy/convenient.. how come they never try to understand what we want? =__=

Shingo T said...

Ya, it's a very GUY thing to go for convenience.

Well, at least he offered you the option of getting new clothes.

Wonderful boyfriend you got there!

BeverLy's Secret said...

Don't worry~~ I bet he'll buy you A LOT :p I only carry few clothes with me while traveling~~

Enjoy the rainy country~~