Friday, December 18, 2009

My first snow experience!

And I thought i'll never see snow till the day I die...
Was so damn excited when my friend called to witness snow just right outside my house, I hurriedly stumble my way out.
YP was amazed.....not by the snow....but by how fascinated I was watching, and exclaiming non stop, on how pretty the snow looks.
I couldn't stop smiling.....I know, I look retarded then.
I didn't even think of changing to any more approporiate clothes. Was wearing YP's jacket, and was not bothered that I'll look like a farm lady (he said I do) in those pictures.


MKL said...

I've been thru 30 winters, cold winters, especially in the 80's, I remember it snowed in October already... winters these days are a piece of cake.. but I hate winters. I wanna go to a warmer place. Help!

Hayley said...

wow snow!! i never experience that!

Manju said...

this makes me remember my first snow experience! magical and so awesome isn't it ^_^

Shingo T said...

Why can girls wear man's shirts, and man can't wear woman's skirts? =p

Hmm... is this the first time you are revealing YP's face?

Erny said...

MKL: I wana go to a warmer place TOO!

HayLey: It's awesome, and torturing

Manju: it, right?

Shingo: Well, if a kilt fits the description of a skirt, then, yes..guys do wear skirt!
Lolx...if you think his face is clear enough, then..yeah..I am revealing his face..:-p

Stefanie said...
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Anonymous said...

Ooo...Looks like rain in the photo though

edxaii said...

waaahh. good for you.. :) i also want to experience what you have been experiencing right now. i want snow! snow! snow! before i die! :) but its impossible for me to experience it here in Philippines. T.T

btw.. you still look so pretty in your picture^^