Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Msn, or Skype?

Whenever one says, "I'm going to be in a long distance relationship", people always go about recommending the use of Skype.
I, personally just got a Skype account created, but it was never put into fruitful use.
Therefore, I don't think I am in any position to comment on which one of these providers are the more efficient one.
I am very much happy and satisfy with MSN voice and video calls, and thus pledge to stick with it by hook or by crook.
Could spend hours speaking to my mum over MSN, sometimes to complain about life to my bestfriend.
It is a wonder how technology could advance to the extend, enabling us, to speak from everywhere around the world. UK to Malaysia, to Singapore...and even..... *silly silly* from upstair to downstair..... *omg*
And that was what I always do with The Boyfriend, when we are both busy with our assignments. don't usually allow him to see me. I'll place the webcam overlooking either the keyboard, or better still, just shove it to the back of my laptop. THIS, is the advantages of having an old laptop, because the webcam is not built in. Therefore, my detached webcam can simply be shoved anywhere I like. And too bad for Him, who uses all the latest gadgets. *boo*, he has to have his face focus by the webcam 24hours throughout the entire time.
I have forgotten about my game!...hope it is ok for a late entry on this:
I like: that after 11th Dec I'll be rid off my ACCA burden

I don't like: That I will need to start on my dissertation soon. STRESS!

I've planned: Oh gosh...I have tonnes of shop from retail stores, online, and wherever possible places that I can lay my eyes on wonderful stuff. To travel....To finish my dissertation in a month.....To spend my dad's hard earn money....all for MYSELF. :-p

I want to say to someone special: Ning...enjoy your trip to Australia!!! And don't forget...pressie!!!!


Toothfairy said...

hahahaha... go spend all your dads money on yourself :P you go girl!


MKL said...

I use currently for chatting by typing MSN and when I switch to talking, I use Skype. Skype is better when it comes to voice, MSN is easier to use, when you write. So I like both :-)

Shingo T said...

I was going to write my views on MSN and Skype, till I saw MKL who have already copied my views. =p

Skype for talking, MSN for messaging.

Shingo T said...

On a added note, in some places Skype calls reception is even better than phone receptions.

Best thing about Skype calls is that it's free for Skype to Skype calls.

But when it comes to messaging, Skype has this problem where you don't see someone online when he actually is (and the person is not even in invisible or appear offline mode).

danielchowtzeyoong said...

agree with both of u! :)

Erny said...

toothfairy: dad will kill me if he sess this.

MKL, Shingo T: Yeah..I am planning to start familiarising with Skpe!