Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boyfie in Kuala Lumpur (part 2)

Just like I've mentioned, Oi siew & hubby brought us around KL.
We took picture at Dataran Merdeka, KL tower and twin tower.
I was bad at telling him Malaysia's history. He kept asking me why is BM language in alphabets?? How does it coincide with the English alphabets?
I told him, it just so happen we used alphabets, and the Europeans too. He went home, googled it up, and found I was talking rubbish.
I was embarrassed that he knew his China history at the tip of his fingers, and I, on the other hand could actually tell him Dataran Merdeka was the place we announced kemerdekaan?? (was it not??) and luckily I didn't go about on Tunku Abdul Rahman shouting Merdeka!! Merdeka!! there. (cause it definitely did not happen there, did it??)

We were on our way to Genting. Public transport is such an ass in Malaysia.

In the cable car where boyfie approached a guy to help us take a picture. I love this picture.

My boyfie in front of the casino which we stood staring at for some time, debating on whether it really is a casino.

Owh, another of my favourite picture. In front of Pavilion that night after coming back from Genting!

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Hayley said...

If I have a non Malaysian bf, I cant imagine how should I tell him Msia history... =_= my Sejarah is quite teruk also.. heheh...
nice photos you have!