Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boyfie in Kedah.

My boyfie spent two days in Alor Star with me.
We went to watch movie - Toy Story 3. My brother asked my future sis-in-law to introduce it to boyfie and me. We headed the advice and had a great time freezing to death in the cinema.

Beside that, the very night, my bestfriend Ning rang me up. Gawd. I forgot she was scheduled home that evening. She drove over my house instantly to meet up with my boyfie. I was glad they went off on good note, and I am so happy my bestfriend approves him!! Lol, not that it'll do much difference if she doesn't, but it is always better to have your best buddy out there giving you the thumbs up!
She introduced him to my favourite food of all time - Laksa!
I still haven't asked him his opinion on the laksa, though I had a very disappointing answer regarding my tomyam treat. He said he was positively sure there was soap powder in it. =.='''

Boyfie ate papaya too...and he gave half back to me telling me he thought it stinks. But when I ate it, I thought that was like the best papaya I've ever eaten. Those in my house stink far worse than that.

At the end of the day, we retired to my new house in Jitra, had a great time showing him around Alor Star, my dearest hometown!

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