Monday, June 28, 2010

Boyfie in Kuala Lumpur

After two days in Kedah, I brought my dearest to KL..I had great plans for him which failed terribly because of the stupid bus that was so fucking slow....and then something happened to the door, and we were asked to change over to another very THE buruk bus.
I felt so embarrassed for the inefficiency in Malaysia's bus system, and also was pissed at my ruined plan.
Thank goodness boyfie was kind enough to assure me that, it didn't matter, he was there to see me, visiting is just secondary.
However, of course, I still managed to bring him to THE famous shopping spots. My all time favourites.

Later that night, I'm so thankful for the group of "ji mui" in "sisters" I have.
Eventhough they have been working their ass off the entire day...they made a steamboat gathering especially to welcome my boyfie to Malaysia.
Their sincere hospitality made him feel so at ease, and I was so glad they hit it off well too.
Boyfie was busy barbecueing food for my friends, and taking food for them. However, to them, they could only see the part where he kept taking the food non-stop, and everyone stared at me, asking me, "your boyfriend can eat a lot, huh??"
Lol, he was actually taking food for others, he didn't eat THAT much, though he can actually eat A LOT.

So glad that we had our "4 flowers" sister's gathering. Though our gang actually consist of 5. Another so-called traitor is still enjoying herself in UK. No lah...she is not a traitor...she is our youngest sister. I saja want to "kek" her here. But I doubt she reads my blog.
Nevermind, I shall leave her a facebook comment to read it.

After the steamboat, Oi Siew and her hubby were so kind enough to bring us around KL, and took some pictures of KL view for us.
This will be continued in my next episode of


Hayley said...

Can see your boyfie enjoyed himself here. and youself too...
did he get tanned after few days in Msia? lol..

Erny said...

Hayley: lol,he was asking me, "where on earth got ppl's country, early morning already THAT hot?"
tanned? don't think so. he is too fair to be tanned. Lol..

Shingo T said...

Woot, back in KL!

Presume nothing much has changed?