Sunday, June 13, 2010

The heels I love soooo much!

I bet those who have been following my facebbok shoutout will know just how badly I wanted a new pair of heels.
My sis and I are loyal fan of Vivi Magazine. The very famous taiwan fashion mag. Cost an effing rm9 per issue, but we usually take turn to buy it monthly. Worth. Every. Damn. Ringgit.

So, The latest issue we could buy was the May issue. And let me tell you, if you have yet to know, the current trend is all about earth colour, and going nude, literally.
I was obsessed with collecting nude lippies, and since I found my Holy Grail nude lippie in Revlon Soft Nude, I started out on a hunt for nude heels.
I fell in love with this pair of cuties instantly. And I'm glad I made four trips to the mall before deciding on grabbing it home. Why so?? Cause on the fourth time, they had 20% sales, RM119 to RM95. That's definitely a steal!!!

So, people, well, feast your eyes on my new killer keels!


Manju said...

ohhh i love them!! pretty heels

Erny said...

Manju: Thanks a lot!!

Hayley said...

Wow! Nice!
This is a more special color, compared to the common black or white ;)