Thursday, June 17, 2010

An extra friend

Ok, this is just a random pic for today.

I've finally learned well from what my dad has been trying to inculcate into me all this while.
Whenever I come home to complain and curse at certain people/friends, dad will always say the same thing, "be good to others. you never know when you'll need ppl's help"...

Of course, the stuck up me, will always shut my dad up by telling him that I have dozen of capable friends who will always be there to help me.

Roughly bout a year ago. Some friends and I attended the tutorial class of another group of students. This particular class rep was very furious at us for dominating part of the seats in his class, he asked us to all sit at the back of the class.
Out of anger I scolded him in front of the entire class. Embarrassed the shit out of him.
Therefore, whenever we bump at each other around college, we'll look away, or just put on this, "i don't give a shit at you" face.

Thank goodness, before I left UK for Malaysia, my friend asked me whether I'm willing to help her pass some stuff to a guy called XX, that is THE class rep who happened to be the next batch coming to UK. After hesitating awhile, I thought, well it should be about time, I make peace with him, and also, well to not have to look away from him anymore.
I agreed. Met up with him. Spoke politely. Showed him around. And little did I expect myself to be in contatc with him anymore.

Now that I am back in Malaysia, and suddenly out of my sane mind, decided to go back to UK. I needed the visa letter from my university. Couldn't enlist any help from anyone known.
I then put on a thick face, and wrote a facebook message to XX explaining my situation, and asking him whether he is able to help me.
He replied politely, and days later actually went to work things out with the University for me.

Lesson to be learnt here. It really is best to have an extra friend than enemy. Always look at the good in one, and never the bad. You will not know when will you be in trouble, and who will help you in the end.
I sure did learn mine well. And thank God it isn't late to do so.

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