Thursday, July 1, 2010

Current obsessions..

*a pic of me eating in pizza hut*

I don't think I need to go over and over in my blog that my past, current and future obsessions will always be my quest for the best make ups and skincare. I'm a vain pot. Who isn't?

However, truth be told, I'm actually taking this wonderful opportunity that my bestfriend, Ning, is back, to learn more bout how to ensure a working relationship.
I am no noob in relationship. Neither am I an expert in one.
The only thing I jolly well know is that, trust must be present in every relationship. Respect, and followed by, good communication.
Recently, I don't know what is going on. Whether God is blessing me, and guiding me through a smooth journey. Or was it all just pure coincidence??
Since boyfie got home, we have yet to get into any big fights, and even my "merajuk-ing" time wouldn't last more than 15minutes.
I'm a VERY, extremely sensitive girl. Every little thing, I'm able to create a havoc out of it.
But nowadays, whenever I think boyfie has been neglecting me for quite some time, and when I was just about to QQ (china msn) him, his message will reach me first, asking me, what am I doing.
When he is out with friend, and I feel he has not contacted me for some time, as I pick the phone up preparing to make a fuss, his message will reach me first, telling me he will be back soon, and that he'll look for me over QQ.
I feel weird. It is like God is helping me to avoid any unnecessary quarrels and fights. Giving me some peace. Lessen my doubts.
I dare not feel happy or overjoyed with the current situation, as I know too overly type of emotions will just lead to major disappointment when things suddenly just fall flat again.
But I just want to take this opportunity to thank God, for at least letting me have some uneventful but easy going life and relationship, and to have my bestfriend, Ning, here to enlighten me on how a relationship should be managed, how trust should be embedded in the mindset, and appreciate my bf as he is now.
For the part on my relationship, I'm contented, and thankful.
For the part on my job search, I'm hopeful, and praying.

My biggest obsession with life now, is very much to keep learning. Not merely on academic stuff, but more on how to look at life, and improve myself.


Manju said...

i'm worse, sometimes i create havoc out of nothing even lol
you look real pretty in the picture

Erny said...

Manju: haha..this shows that we are real gilrs. only girls are capable of creating havoc every now and!!!

Juke said...
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建彰建彰 said...
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