Thursday, June 10, 2010

My latest addition!

Hi people,

Very sorry for the lack of updates recently. Been very busy with exam, though it is over now, was not very happy with how i performed then, anyways, we'll let bygones be bygones..

Recently, I have been very much into shopping. My recent collections are:

1) Queen Helene Mint Julep mask
I think it is a great deal. Comes in a REALLY big tube. Cost me only RM 35 ( i think), and i guess it'll take me ages to finish it up. I'm very please to have purchase it. Very ideal for people with oily skin. Big pores. And for whoever that has tiny bumps or pimples. It does its job of sucking out impurities darn well. Though the last thing I have is oily skin and big pores, but it works well on my face, makes it smoother, and ah...I just felt a lot cleaner after using it.
I personally have this belief that it is not about just using great skincare, but also to do mask and scrub on your face diligently to secure a more radiant complexion.

2) Etude house duo fiber stippling brush
I was walking around jusco, and there I saw, Etude house was having crazy 40% sales for its brushes. I have read a lot bout this brand having very worth it brushes, and I knew I need to get this special one. Have been highly raved everywhere. I have yet to used it. Just got it wash, and it did not bleed at all. And does not feel scratchy at all. Awesome, no?

3) Best of all, today, I finally bought the heels I have been eyeing on for weeks. Been checking it out for four damn trip to the mall. Today, I told myself, no the colour I want, I'll settle for anothe colour, no the size I want, i'll settle for another quite similar but other style heels, I was steadfast in getting one out. And I was overjoyed to find the perfect size and colour that I wanted. To top it all, the heels were on 20% sales. RM119 to RM 95...
Stay tune ...i'll be having pictures of my beloved heels here soon....................!!!

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