Friday, July 9, 2010

Penang trip

Ning wanted to go shopping badly irregardless of whether it was just a day's trip down to Penang, or few days trip down to KL.
So, when she knew another friend was driving down to Penang, she hopped onto the idea of taking a ride down too. So, we went to Gurney Plaze for our short shopping spree, and caused me to suffer from bad heartaches as I fell head over heels for a pair of awesome looking HEELS in Vincci. Unfortunately for my non-existence cash inflow, Ning told me to reconsider the idea of purchasing the heels, or maybe at least postpone the idea till I get myself a job.
I went home with only one purchase of the day, a bottle of Shiseido- Aqua label cleansing oil.
Here are some pictures of the day....