Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A trip of fun and madness

I was so excited when I received a phone call from xxx firm to attend an interview. I have been waiting for an interview call, and being jobless for months have affected my financial situation badly.

When my friend Ling got to know about it, she jumped onto the opportunity to head down KL with me. We left on 12th morning by flight. Reached LCCT an hour plus later, with a "private driver" awaiting us at the car park. no...he is a friend of Ling, called Vito. Lucky me, riding on my friend's good fortune, I had a free ride all the way down to KL.
Actually, besides free ride, I got free dim sum breakfast too! And free Hagan Daaz chocolate fondue. And free steamboat. And free next day's lunch. Best of all, free transport to the door step of the xxx firm. Damn. I should have bought a small gift for him as a token of appreciation, but too bad, my very "kering" pocket, and a long "to-buy-list" do not allow me to buy him anything in return. But I am sure, I'll work something out when I'm offered this job!!
(starhill in the process)

Vito brought us to Midvalley, first destination. I couldn't find the the Romp shorts that I have been eyeing on. So, next place, we proceeded to Sunway Pyramid. There, I managed to buy the Vinnci shoes I heart heart heart so much, with the perfect size of 4.5!!! Can you believe it??
Unfortunately, the Romp clothes shop there ran out of size "s" black colour shorts I wanted. So, Vito asked the salesperson to make phone calls to other Romp branches. Found only one left in Sungai Wang's branch. We asked for it to be reserved!! hah...and off we went....
Stopped at Times Square, and walked over to Sungai Wang.

I think this is like the craziest thing I've ever done. Covered 4 shopping malls in just one day. And not even the entire day. Just half the day. I've never done that before. Damn. And if I were to count Lot 10 in, that would be 5 shopping malls!!

And, here are the pictures of the day....


Hayley said...

Love your dress! very colorful! :D

Erny said...

Hayley: thank mum bought it for me!!