Tuesday, July 6, 2010

May all ends well.

I just bathed, and upon realising there was no body shampoo nor soap, guess how I improvised whatever that was in the toilet?? I grabbed my sister's very much neglected and abandoned facial cleanser, poured some liquid out on my palm, and happily had it slapped all over my body.

Bestfriend has a new aim to achieve, and that's to feel less irritated by certain people, or rather one particular person.
I , on the other hand have a new aim to reach out too, and that's to start having control over myself.
Firstly,I need to stop being a control freak. Though I very much know that boyfie has the least problem with me checking his emails, and constantly shooting random questions on his whereabouts, and what he is doing, cause he thinks that is a form of showing concern. Hah!!
But still, i acknowledge it as a very FLAWED part of me, and I am steadfast in lessening my possessive behaviour if not, getting rid of it.
Boyfie can be as understanding as possible, letting me direct how he should go about with his daily activities, but I don't think living my entire life trying to take control of his life as well as juggle it between mine is the ideal relationship I want to go on pursuing.
Now, the only thing I want to control, is, myself.
Well, keep the blog updated on my progress, but I am proud to say I've been a very nice girlfriend, giving lots of space to my boyfie these days, and in return, he does send me on/off very sweet online messages just to assure me I'm constantly being thought off. ( on his own will )

Now, I'm having a headache. An interview in a week time, I am prepared for the worst, but pray for the best. Not that I'm very much interested in joining this firm, but it is always better than having nothing to do, and watching my unused Celcom broadband sitting on my table screaming out to me that I'll need to settle the bill soon!!
I think I'm better off going to attempt some IQ questions now to makesure my very rusty mind is still in perfectly functioning condition.


Shingo T said...

It's not hard to identify problems, but it takes alot of effort to change it, esepcially if it's a habit.

Kudos on giving the guy more space, Erny!

It's a cycle also - the more trust you give him, the more he will appreciate and love you better in return, and you feel more love and trust him better.

Erny said...

Shingo T : thanks for ur encouragement. I will bear that in mind, and constantly remind myself of ur advice.