Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lack of inspirations to do anything

I have so many things up my sleeves recently.

With a HTC Smart that has no wifi function, though I've been weighing the pros and cons of selling it off, finally I've decided to use it instead. And there I go, cursing it everytime I see a wifi spot.

I have my first ever celcom broadband bill that needs to be settled immediately, and I'm still procrastinating.

Looking at my first ever bought Coach handbag and wallet I carried all the way back from UK, I am debating whether I should put both up for sales. They are new and haven't been used yet. I'm sure they can fetch great prices.
With the money I get, I can at least invest in something more beneficial, exp: a better laptop, or a white sapphire ring as a talisman against bad luck. I simply can't find any reasonable excuse for me to keep the designer stuffs with me, as I am pretty contented with just carrying any bags regardless of it being high end brand or just cheapo stuff I order online.

Still thinking very hard, whether I should trade in my HTC Smart and top up to buy myself a hp with, at least a wifi function....hhmm....but then again, I'm planning to subscribe to Digi unlimited online access, so the wifi function would pretty much be redundant. However, as of now, I feel the lack of wifi function is killing me.
Any suggestions??

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danielchowtzeyoong said...

ditch changing ur hp...since ur getting digi unlimited...y not getting digi unlimited right away?...that would solve everything...
the bag/wallet can go if u don need them...but y trade them for a better laptop or a RING???...what laptop model u using now? the ring is a NO! :p