Thursday, April 15, 2010

To understand...and to love..

I have always felt unimportant to my bf, no matter what he does, and how he assures me. I guess, it is true, like how most wiser girls often say, " Sense of security comes from yourself, and not from others."... too takes me a lot more to realise that whether I'm important or not does not need to be spoken out, instead, I should observe the small things he does everyday for me.
Just like today, as usual, I like to randomly shoot at him when I feel I'm being ignored..."I don't think you love me"....right after dinner....and thank goodness he kept his cool...and calmly replied, "you should say that during dinner".....and then it hit hard at me, yeah...without fail, he prepares dinner everyday, and he cooks whatever I ask for.
"I want fish today!"
"I want potatoes!"
"I like the soup you cook!"
and all I do, is to sit in the room, and surf the net till dinner is ready.

Anyway, this is just a random post so that I can keep my blog alive!
Let me end it with this picture I stole from my sister's blog.


Ting Ting said...

Aw...that's so sweet of your bf! Sigh, I know what you mean. I'm those girls who often feels insecure too. Whenever my bf gets too absorbed into his work or play too much computer games, I'll get really emo! Have to constantly remind myself of all the things he has done for me.

Anyway, I believe you and your bf will have a happily ever after ending. =)

Wei Ern said...

Ting ting: Thanks a feels comforting to know someone out there that behaves like me least, I know it is normal to feel so.

a n g e L o w said...

see, it's so sweet of your boyfriend!! he treats you so nice, comfort, caring and pamper you always!! but it's usual and normal, girls' emotion changed anytime, just like the weather!! (:

Erny said...

Haha..yeap! totally agree!