Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ah well, the next stop, was to Austria!!
We made a stop at Innsbruck *I hope I get the spelling right!*.....guess what? We stopped at Swarovski's main factory. We were told that most stuff there retailed for cheaper than market price. But yeah right. You know how much cheaper? 1 fucking euro!
Nevertheless, I ended up buying a ring! Yippee! Love it to bits, though I cannot recall where I have kept my ring....SHIT!

Look..even the toilet is brightened with little crystal-like bulb.

Sorry people, these days, a little lazy to I'll just let pictures do the talking...


Hayley said...

Nice trip!! (i am expecting more picts! :P)
and your hair is getting longer!!

Erny said...

Hayley: hair is disastrous!