Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Happy Me!

I know, this is most probably the silliest pic of me.
Thanks to the tourist guide..he snapped my pic when I was talking to a fellow tour friend.
And my bf actually thinks the pic looks I guess having it here is not a bad idea.

Anyway, I'm soooo excited. Bf agreed to bring me out shopping tomorrow.
It is not the first date, but I'm walking on cloud 9, cause he isn't the type that will accompany me from one shop to another looking for clothes or or make up stuff.
Usually, our dates will be having buffet lunch, and heading off for movie.
Now I made it clear that I will NOT have lunch until I buy what I'm looking for, which is like a whole list of madness. Haha....
Then he'll be bringing me for steamboat!!!
And we'll have night movie!!!

I think I better check out what's the latest movie.
The last time we went to watch movie, we had no idea what was the "in" show, we just randomly pick one, and guess what we stumbled upon???
" I Love Philip Morris"
Everything was well, untill Jim Carrey started making love.....nothing unusual huh?? the camera rolled down, my bf was cursing the movie like mad.
Jim Carrey was making love to a guy!

Cool. We unknowingly went to watch a gay movie.


danielchowtzeyoong said...

haha...have a great day!!

Hayley said...

Yep! you look cute in that picture! :D
happy dating and enjoy your weekend! ;))