Saturday, April 24, 2010

I heart my bf to bits.

As I've written, yesterday I went out for shopping/eating/movie.

Well, I bought a great deal of stuff.
Will just list of the items I bought. Can't take any pictures, cause my camera's memory card is full.
So, I spent my money on:
- Boots No.7 tinted moisturiser
- Lee Stafford heat protective spray
- Burberry Weekenders perfume
- Lush fragrance
- Rimmel stay matte pressed powder
- Boots botanic toner and moisturiser for my sister!
- Boots botanic eye make up remover
- Superdrug facial wipes

The Burberry perfume was meant for my bestfriend as a birthday present. But after thinking for awhile, I thought I like it too much to give it to her. So I called her up, and said..
"Ning, I bought the Burberry perfume for you, but..."
guess what?
"Ew, I hate Burberry!"
Glad she said that. Cause I ain't going to give it to her either. One thing bout me and her, we hardly ever like the same thing. Therefore, very unlikely we'll fight over the same guy. :-)

Yesterday when we were going back, we went up the wrong train, it took us one stop further than where we were supposed to get down.
Bf insisted on walking back. Little did we know, though it was just a stop away, it was an hour walk away!
Halfway through it, I was complaining about my legs. How uncomfortable I felt.
I was so touch, when he told me to hopped on his back, and he piggy back me all the way to Perry Barr.
For someone as skinny as him, who couldn't even carry me up a fleet of stairs, I appreciated it so much that though he was dead tired too, he knew he needed to do his bits as a bf. <3

Today he is complaining bout backache. Guess what? The evil gf of his a.k.a ERNY, ain't going to be bothered. Wahahahaha.....


danielchowtzeyoong said...

SO CALLED WINDOW SHOPPING?!?! good punya bf lo!! :)

Ning said...

wah ur bf.. best. too bad that ain't gonna happen to me unless i date a SUMO wrestler! hahahaha. but u damn light lah. i can piggy back u also =p
and thanks yah for the perfumeeee. nyeh

Ting Ting said... guys sound so cute! =)

Erny said...

Dan: half window shopping lor...

Ning: hehe...yup, now he damn good..:-)

Ting Ting: (n.n)