Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holland, Holland here I am!

So, the trip proceeded to Holland, where I had the chance to witness The Hague. I remember I once used to write about hoping to be a lawyer, and get the chance to fight in The Hague for Malaysia's Pulau Sipadan, and...this, I can't really recall the other name of the Island where there was an ongoing dispute with Singapore. Haha..very funny. Now, I end up as an account grad, and here I am, fulfilling my dream of going to The Hague, for a visit instead.

We were brought to this beautiful flower farm. Too bad, winter just passed, and therefore, flowers have yet to bloom well. Nevertheless, we managed to see some other equally beautiful flowers.

I damn regret not having more cash with me, those....wooden shoes are so effing cute! What a waste I couldn't buy them....

Few facts about Holland,
prostitution and drugs are legal there.
We did stroll down the red light district area, and wow, am I amused by how the whores displayed themselves. Like how??
Ah well, think about a shop, having glass section with mannequins to showcase their clothes. So, these whores, exhibit themselves clad only in bras and panties, behind a glass door. If u like them, walk into their so-called shop, and they will draw the curtain close. Once sex is over, client leave, the curtain will be open, and business resume as usual. How interesting.

So, drugs shops. Now, fairly interesting.....their drugs shops, are called COFFEESHOP. Spell, with the word "coffee" and "shop" join together. I saw few teenagers smoking weed in the shop.

Holland is indeed a place everyone should visit for its cultures, and best of all, Ann Frank's hiding place during the Nazi's occupation is there too! Too bad I didn't get to visit, but I'll make it there one day, I hope!

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