Friday, April 9, 2010


I headed out for a 13days trip ....and landed in Belgium.
I went there with another 3 friends of mine. We joined a tour, called Omega, and found ourselves surrounded by another 28 china students!!! If this happen 6 months ago, I would have cursed my ass off. Too bad, my bf is from China, so, I know I need to slowly deal with these people. Different cultures, and thinking aside....we are all Chinese...duh??

Photos updates......

We had to board this ferry to bring us from UK to France, then the bus driver drove all the way to Belgium. Our first destination.

More pictures update, will be uploaded to facebook!


danielchowtzeyoong said...

landed in Belgium...and??...continue story? :p...go belgium see chinese building? :p

Erny said...

that is jap building, k??? :-p
haha....and..wait lah....everyday one country patient.