Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How many ways can you pose with Pisa tower?

Ever wonder how many ways can you pose with Pisa tower??
I am no professional, but here are some shots.
Me likey!!

I'm heading home this 30th April. That will be like...SOON.
I have mix feelings bout it.

But honestly, I am really looking forward to going back Malaysia.
Nicer food, cheaper shopping paradise, closer to family, more friends, more happening places to hang out...and I'm so looking forward to banging my luck on getting a job in Singapore.
*pray hard*

The only reason that is holding me back, is, my darling bf will be left alone here.
I'm not quite worried about straying bf as i know my bf is quite trustworthy. I'm just feeling sad, because I know he'll be sad too.
Just like how he keeps telling me, that I'll need to take good care of myself, and make sure I'm happy always. Eat well, sleep well, work hard, study hard for my last ACCA paper, score well, and wait for him to visit me.

This is one guy in my life that I know, if things don't work out for both of us, the last thing I'll feel for him is HATE.
Though we've had our ups and downs. Just like all couples do. He has shown me love, enough for me to know and understand, how does being loved feels like.

For now, I'm just grateful to have him...<3