Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So many things to blog about

I'm starting to get the hang on blogging.
I realise that blog is the only place I can express my feelings, emotions, whether it is a bad day, or an uber fabulous day. Everything can be written down without giving a damn about trepassing people's privacy or offending any parties.
Cause I strongly believe that blogs are personal, and everyone has the right to write any shit they want, ranging from being a mean of releasing stress, or throwing virtual tantrums, or just to narrate a series of randomness.
Don't get me wrong here. I am not a go go supporter for people who misuse their blogs to spread wrong info, or condemn others (though this is fairly justifiable). Cause I do acknowledge the fact that human has different brains and therefore, will have significantly differing opinions. And if readers are against whatsoever opinion suggested by the bloggers to the extend that they loathe the writers, it is wrong to sprew out ill comments in other people's blogs, as I always agree with the statement that "if you don't like it, then don't read it". It is not like the bloggers actually pay random people to stuck their heads into their blogs, or point a gun to your head and make you go through the blogs.
Everything is done based on free-will basis.
I just simply don't understand why some people love to take the trouble..yes TROUBLE to browse through blogs and leave pathetic,unkind comments.
You must be wondering what happen to me, right?, nobody left any unkind comments to me before.
I am just writing thinking of how I used to stumble across some famous bloggers's blogs whose comment box was chalked on with sick comments. And how i used to laugh reading at how other readers trashed the anonymous fellow back.

*The hardest part about losing love, is finding your way back*


MKL said...

You must have read Dawn's blog, right? Well, some people take blogging too seriously. You are so right. Apparently it's so easy to hate and behave nasty online, some people are pathetic. What I learned in all this craziness is "don't feed the trolls" - just delete people who want attention or ignore them. If you blog long enough, you will attract people like these. I did. But then you'll have tons of online friends who will laugh at the loser with you ;)

Erny said...

Haha...yes....hey, are you a big fan of Dawn Yang too?
I don't particularly favour any bloggers. I just love reading great blog entries. That's all.

MKL said...

I'm like you, I'm not crazy about other bloggers, but I like some. Some grew on me, some are my friends. As for Dawn, yea, she even follows me on Twitter and we message sometimes. I find her very laid back and enjoy her New York posts :) She's cool :)