Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first cooking in BCU

Well, my absence from blogging was due to this internet explorer of mine. Old version, cause me to be unable to load any pics. Even my facebook!!! *sad*
But, friends here are soo nice. They allow me to use their laptop, upload the pics, then run back to my laptop, and start crapping here.
Here, I'm in my wonderfully 'ancient' kitchen *rusty water boiler, rusty bread toaster*

Hehe...okay....prepare some ingredients.....

Yes....I pack a whole lots of shit stuff like that here....

That is how I cook....OK, the wok looks pretty new, right? is new, cause there was no wok before hand. They bought it for us. Guess, they forgot to buy us new water boiler, and bread toaster. *sad*

Me, trying to not burn myself..

Stir it...stir it.....

Yes...look at it...looks yummy right? I was so happy looking at it. Bet it'll taste delicious too.

I was just acting for this pic. The food was pour out already prior to the photo session.

Look at me! Full of satisfaction!

Great right? It is my tomyam fried beehoon!! Looks like what a pro can cook,huh?
Learn it from me. :-)


balleyjan said...

wow Erny You make me hungry :D
i am sure it would be delicious

Erny said...

I'm so glad to see you here.
It looks nice, but trust me, it was tasteless actually. I didn't put enough tomyam powder.

Anonymous said...

u packed instant stuff to uk?? awesome..
i didnt know u were leaving to UK until i saw fb u know...
how long will u b there..??

MKL said...

Congrats! It really looks delicious :P