Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Lost Symbol

I am a big fan of Dan Brown’s exhilarating thrilller, having read all 4 of his collections, obviously I wouldn’t waste any opportunity of setting my hands on his latest addition

Oh…look at that cunning smile…Yes…I’m smiling for the camera (no, more like for Hui Ning, cause I know she’ll be wanting this sooo badly)

Owh…look at the street smart fellow, and the book smart fellow. We read different books…(bloody tesco…drained me off so much cash)

I was hoping I could spare some time to finish this book, so that I’ll get to have it shipped home. But, as circumstances appear to deter me from doing so, all I can do, is to have it placed on the book shelf, and sit here all day staring at it.

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