Sunday, September 6, 2009

It is part and parcel of life after all?

Everyday I wake up, with numerous questions running through my mind.
-why did this happen to me?
-why wouldn't he love me back the way I love him?
-didn't I deserve to be loved?
-was my love not great enough?
-didn't I try hard enough?
-was he just fooling me right from the start?
-why was there a need for me to constantly beg and plead in my relationship?
-will I ever be happy again?
-how can I move on after such painful ending?

...........................and as I keep myself busy with more important things in life....there is no way I can get rid of those bugging questions. The word "W H Y" just makes my day even harder to get through.
There are like millions of things in my heart, thousand of thoughts in my head, that I want to write out. But I fail to describe how I feel, and what is repeating in my mind every now and then, in the most precise way.

And then, I stumbled upon this blog.... (titled : The Frog Prince. Sep 5th)

This is like a fantastic article that I'd like to share with my fellow friends.
What was written in there, is what I feel everyday. Exactly!
I think, I can take comfort, that at least, in this world, I ain't the only living being that was taken for granted in a r'ship, or went through a shit relationship, or at least.......stil gets sad over matter how much I was hurt in it.

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