Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine celebration

Boo! Sorry folks, no pictures of Vday celebration. How to snap pictures, when it was just the both of us out having our romantic date? *if eating buffet, and watching movie is the ideal way to celebrate a romantic Vday, then, ah-ha....ROMANTIC, it shall be said*
Lolx....nevertheless, I was happy then. Therefore, since with the absence of some pictures of *US*, I shall present to you people, 2 Chinese new Year pictures of *US*.

Ok, that is me...I believe I was drinking Heineken, no? But, why do I look like I have been forced to bottoms up a glass of pure Whiskey instead?

Yes, undeniably, it was well written all over my face, " STOP BLOODY GIVING ME ANYMORE ALCOHOL".....

We celebrated Chinese New Year on the eve. And of course, I had my share of Vday celebration with YP on 14th Feb. It wasn't much of an awesome way to spend Vday, however, I appreciated it very much that for someone who hates going out in the cold, he took the trouble to bring me to this highly recommended buffet restaurant, and paid a ridiculous price for the meal, especially for someone who can't even eat up to 2pound worth of food-Me.
After that, we went to watch The Wolf man. I did enjoy the movie, though I knew, he was struggling hard to understand the conversation. There was no subtitles, and I felt really bad for demanding to watch a movie on that day. I could have easily settled for movie in the comfort of his room. PPS has tonnes of movies, with subtitles included.
I know I am bad. But I can't help it.


LilJo said...

Happy Valentine's Day ^^

AnnWorld said...

god...what happen to your bf's fringe? you ate it in your sleep?
why thank you!!! i havent had time to snap pictures..nobody snap my whole body for me..soo sad..wait for you to come back..and i model out for you to see...xoxo ann