Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year celebration in UK!!!

First time in my life I celebrated Chinese New Year in a totally unrelated country.
However, being Malaysians, we all, memang everything also boleh.
We had our own party. Bought everything needed, prepared the steamboat, made our own curry puff, wrapped our very own popiah...(damn, the sengkuang was damn freaking expensive. 7pound per kg. Insane!)
I was the lazy girl. When everyone was busy lending a helping hand, I was in the comfort of my own room, watching my favourite korean drama for the second time. It was until this guy who owns a RM12,000 pro camera came up to me in my room, and said this,
"to the girl who did nothing, look here, let me take a picture of you."
Damn, the last thing i wanted, was to be remembered as the lazy bum who paid, did nothing, and ate through the night.
So, I finally got myself a position for the night. THE vegetables washer!

The night went on well with too much food for all...and my bf who is always the odd ball out did not join in the fun.
Everyone wore red, but he was not bothered, he was having this really bad sore throat, and poor guy couldn't enjoy any Malaysian delicacies.

Too much alcohol for the night too......but I was restricted to only Heineken, and a few sips of the very geli Green Label.

My friends and I.....

The whole bunch of us.....the Willow House gang!!

This is the consequence of not being able to emerge first in a fish ball eating competition. This girl was forced to bottoms up the entire bottle of Jack Daniels. Thank goodness it was not a punishment for me, or else, you'll be seeing me vomiting in the toilet, and most probably being hurled back to my room by the Bf with a one hour lecture for the night. So, lucky me, got off the hook this time. Look at me, finding myself being entertained by the tormented girl. Ooohh...and Heineken was behind me. That was what I was allowed to touch for the night.

Happy people!

Trying to act stupid....

Ok, when the supposedly low alcohol level Heineken kicked in, let the game begin!!

Yes...when it went slightly over.....I look like I was in pain.
Obviously! Damn, the bf was standing right behind me watching all the craziness that was on.

And that's all for the day! Happy Chinese New Year!


Su-Li said...

Looks like you touching semut breast!!

Erny said...

Suli: I was indeed touching her breast.

The Envoy said...

Gong xi fa cai, Erny!

Erny said...

The Envoy: same to you!!!! :-)

Ning said...


Erny said...

Ning:,my love for you will never fade lah...though that was just ONE NIGHT STAND. You are stil the one and only!!!! :-p

Ning said...

i jealousssssssssssssssssssssss.


MKL said...

I think it doesn't matter where you celebrate CNY, as long as you're in a festive mood. It's so rainy here in Taipei for four days, I don't feel festive... -_-

Anyway, gong xi faaaaaaaaa cai to you!

Ps: Where's my ang pau? I want at least 10rm :P

Erny said...

MKl: Lolx!! Happy Chinese New Year to u! Your ang pau?? Since you're in Tai Pei, I guess u can get lots of them there...:-p

Shingo T said...

Crazy fun you got there. Heineken will be happy to sponsor this post of yours. =p

Though England is not your land, but it helps having a small and like-minded Malaysian community.

If I could turn back time again, I will study overseas. It will give me a chance to see the world, just like you all.

Study hard, and play harder Erny!

Erny said...

Shingo T: Thanks!!