Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Liverpool Pictures

After few days of continuous traveling, from Cardiff, to Liverpool, to Oxford, I seriously need a proper break now.
And I wonder, how am I even going to travel around the world, if I can't withstand the few days of non stop walking, and sometimes, getting lost here and there?
When I was young, like, really young....during primary school, I dreamed bout going to different places, to learn more bout different cultures, lifestyles, and all. The last stop I have always wanted to go to, was always New Zealand. Settle down there, with the "moo moos" and their very clean water???!!! I have no idea why people always associate New Zealand with that of cows, fresh air, and clean water. I remember my teacher used to say, you can even drink from the stream. That was like how many damn years ago. I wonder, if one can still drink from there....hhmmm.......
As I grew up, I started noticing that New Zealand is very much away from many other countries. It is like a total alienated country somewhere much further off than Correct me if I'm wrong. That is when I realised, I want to go somewhere! UK! A country that is very much connected to many other countries, and is often talked about.
Now that I am here, I wonder what's the difference between countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the US??? I have been to Australia...that country doesn't impress me much. People are not exactly friendly. But that is just about how much I can recall, as I was only like, what?? 11 years old at that time...
Guess, I have two more countries to check out, before I can make proper assumption on where do I like most, of which, I strongly believe, will lead back to my beloved country, Malaysia. No??

Now, I suddenly have this funny idea....what occurs in you head when you think bout these few countries?? Like me...let's see...

New Zealand : Cows, milk, and water!
Australia : Bush fire
UK : English tea???
USA : Firearms!!
China : Fake things
Hong Kong : Great cantonese dramas
Korea : Pretty girls and guys
Japan : We should hate them??
Macau : Casinos
Singapore : Kiasu people
Vietnam : Their wooden shoes
Laos : A country with only land surrounded it
Thailand : Prostitute?? *no offense please*
Indonesia : Maid
Philippines : How the hell do you tell the difference between them, the Thais and Indons??
Denmark: Dogs
Italy : Rome empire
Greece : Zeus
Spain : Bull charging after red cloth
Portugal : They sound like indian??
France : Sephora
Germany : Hitler
Poland : My penfriends
Austria : Why want to name a country like an abbreviation of Australia???
Ireland : Farmhouse
Scotland : Man in skirt, that is a kilt!
Switzerland : Snow
Sweden : Very fair human
Norway : Cold
Mexico : Hot
Egypt : Pyramid, and the mummies!

ehhh...I think I should put a fullstop here. If I go on, it will be a never ending list. No?
Hah! about lastly, Malaysia??
-nasi lemak, bak kut teh, multi racial country, friendly people, ying yong, laksa, Pavillion, S. Wang, Sing k, clubbing, yum cha, mamak, Lolx........:-p


Hayley said...

Another thing about China, dangerous food!! lol...

Shingo T said...

Malaysia: Home.