Saturday, February 6, 2010

Liverpool Stadium

Well, today, I said to myself, enough of wallowing in self pity.
Was out whole day to Cambridge. Really very different from where I'm staying now, as in Birmingham. I'm like arriving from downtown to uptown. See people of upper class, different social standards, and I was actually going to say, more well behaved. But...were they??? Hhmmmm.....tell me how well behaved can one be when you don't even know the simple courtesy of queuing???? Damn. These Brits....I really expected them to be at least "civilized" than Malaysians....but no....everywhere I go, I rarely see them queue. It is unfair for me to generalised all but, I've pretty much had my share of experience with them thus far.

Anyway, a little updates on my previous trip to Liverpool stadium.
Was an utter disappointment. I wonder what my brother, the ever so loyal fan of Liverpool will have to say about it if he gets the chance to set foot to Man U Football club, and to get a hands on comparison to that of Liverpool Football Club. Damn, his heart will shatter.
Small, uninteresting, nothing much to glorify, and well, basically, just an ordinary football club. *shame*

I should start updating pictures in my facebook rather than flooding my blogs with them.
I have like what?? Cardiff, Liverpool, Oxford, and now to add to the list, Cambridge photos. I am dead tired man. And to start resizing every pieces tediously? Fuck those pictures. They can very well rot in my hard disk for all I care.


Hayley said...

I think you're not a Liverpool fan, arent you?
but i guess its ok to experience the Stadium ;)

getuneed said...

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