Monday, February 2, 2009

.................. :-{

When I'm feeling upset, I always wish Ning is with me.
She's the shoulder I cry on, the place I complain my thousand and one dissatisfaction, the person who listens to my every pine and whine, talks to me when I don't feel like talking, listen to me when I need to be heard.
She could practically accomodate to me in every aspect.

It sucks without her, and having no other people I can trust whom I can pour out what's in my heart.

She found me a guy whom she thinks has the potential of being the next her. took us 16 years to finally understand each other....does she really think it's that easy for some other random guy to replace her???!!!

I'm so easily angered by little things....easily flared up by what others say. times...I'm at total peace....when I'm so not bothered about my surroundings.When I really can practise being patient.

My moodswing is bad again.


Ning said...

DArling!!!! I did NOT find u a GUY. U found urself a guy. I just gave my sirim chop and heaps of blessings! Of course no one can replace me. I'm waaaaayy toooo great. HEHE.I miss u tooooo. I am having severe depression now. N no one cares/understands. Sigh. Btw, get urself a choc fix b4 ur mood swing gets really bad

Erny said...

I'm also suffering from a bit of depression. :-(
Ning, since when you start working for sirim? Haha.... should see the amount of choco I stuff down my throat each day...enough to cause me diabeties.
I survive on choco!!!!!!!!!! Cause i'm having mood swing every now and then.

Ning said...

permanent pms?? hahaha. maybe u need a hormone fix. that or get rid of the source that's causing ur swings.

and please do not get diabetes.

it's a scary disease. me just learnt how to inject insulin today