Sunday, February 15, 2009

EDM, my latest <3

I hate it...hate that I am back to my old habit of falling in love with cosmetics all over again. This was a bad habit I have abandoned long ago. But recently, I was too free, and started reading up forums..with long discussion threads on the babes, "oh-so-wonderful-holly grail"
It has prompted me to wonder what are my "can't-live-without-u" products.
Here I am going to blog about Everyday minerals products that managed to draw me to the internet everyday...=.='''

This is the Long handled kabuki. It should be small in size. I'm not quite sure, cause I'm just adding it into my list of "what to buy". I personally think I'll use it to apply loose powder. I need a good kabuki seriously, cause the one I'm using is so scratchy.

This, is what I've been eyeing too. Loose powder! I'm sure friends who know me well, know that I slap on loose powder everyday before I go out. (dun worry, loose powder doesn't clogs pores. Just remove it properly everyday, and it'll be fine. Anyway, this is EDM loose powder, mineral stuff, all the more I don't have to worry about damaging my skin)
Ok, not that I'm super vain that I need to cover myself up with loose powder. It's just that I need to apply sunblock, and I mean, really thick layer of sunblock whenever I'm out, cause I'm proned to getting freckles on my face. With sunblock, comes oil. I believe everyone knows, most sunblocks are oily. So, loose powder helps in making me feel my face is oil-free.

Okie, here, I have just oredered this cute little thing here. It's EDM blusher. This shade is called "Walkee-Talkee"...weird name I know...
Will be arriving soon...

This shade is called "Theme park"...haha....
I ordered it too, cause it have shimmers. I love blushers with shimmers...and peachy or brown under tone. <3>

I don't quite know yet what will be my next hauls. I hate it that I'm splurging again on makeups.
But, it makes me happy....:-(


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