Saturday, February 7, 2009

BB creams

I read through my blogs...and realise, there are too many blogs on hatreds, sufferings, pain, sadness. I wonder, why do I want to make misery my memories?

So, today I am going to blog about the current craze in Asia. (esp Malaysia)
It's the time of latest technology, latest findings, it's human's search for the perfect foundation....ahem....nolah...not foundation.....BB CREAM!!!

So, what can BB creams do? BB cream is a moisturiser+sunblock+tinted(thinkness and coverage varies with brands)+primer.
It is something better than foundation, as it provides the most natural looking flawless skin while not clogging the pores. It is the current obsession of all girls regardless of age groups in Malaysia. Needless to mention, it was a trend started from Korea (where it originated from), and passed all the way to Singapore. BB creams are very expensive in Lion's land (Ning, you know that,huh?).
But, the good thing is, Singapore carries lots of different brands to cater to its consumers (something Malaysia has yet to achieve). Let me list a few brands that are famous...BRTC, Dr.Jart, Hanskin, Skin79 (personally, I don't like it), Coogi Flowertox, Dr.G, Missha, Skinfood, Face shop.....well the list will go on...a long way.....
I personally own one Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB cream. I have nothing great about it to rave. I thought it was the best thing I've ever tried on...until I landed my hand on a Dr.Jart silver bb cream sample, and then I realised, Dr.Jart might be my holy grail after all.

Let me show u people, what BB creams can do to your face:

See?! It covers inperfection, making skin looks flawless without the cakey look. It's really natural! Trust me, pick a good bb cream, and you'll look like you're not having anything on your face.
It is claimed to have healing ingredients for the face too ( I think, only the good high end brands have such potential. Dr.Jart did improve my face)

This is an advertisement for Derma RX. It is one of the best selling product of Skin79 range. I wanted to buy it...but I don't know why, got some mix feelings about it, and at last, I opted for the much regretted haul of mine, Diamond prestige.

This is a picture of Dr.Jart BB cream. On the left, is the black detox bb cream, and the right is the silver bb cream that I have used...and fell in love with.

This is the best of all Skin79 series. It's called the Intense Classic Balm. I read many good feedbacks on it. But I'm stil skeptical on whether to give it a try. Haiz....I have lost trust in Skin79 products lately.

Oh...and this....Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream. This is the best among all Missha bb creams. I have yet to use it, and therefore could not personally testify on it's reliability. I strongly would recommend it to friends if money is not an issue to them, as it cost around RM80 per tube. It comes in two shades. One lighter, one slightly darker.

And lastly, I'm so happy for my bestfriend, Ning,cause she has joined in the BB cream bandwagon (unintentionally), and well, let me present to you, her secret to flawless skin (owh...Ning...sorry....I gotta let them know why you have good looking skin)....this Missha M Vita BB cream. She uses this. And her mum too!! ( Cool mum eh?!)
Truth is, Ning skin is already nice, BB cream is just an extra stuff she smacks on her face. It's a sunblock. And girls need tonnes and tonnes of sunblock, don;t you people know about it?
I'm not a beauty blogger, so I won't give precise description of each different Bb creams. I'm just merely introducing the latest craze here. And also my current obsession.
Bb creams are best used with some loose powder on it after application.
So, I'll be blogging about loose powder soon, I guess, since I'm also checking out mineral loose powder. ( I found a new love, MINERAL MAKE UP)
So, stay tune!


Ning said...

my skin is like crap la. nice ur head. u la nice skin. =p

Morris said...

hey dude,
how is your bb cream going?

Shen Yann said...

Dr.Jart BB cream quite expensive.
So everyday u will apply BB cream o loose powder be4 u go out?
Dat y ur face look so nice..
U sud take another course 2 major in since u love beauty so much.