Wednesday, January 14, 2009


What do you think of this poem?This poem was nominated for the bestpoem of 2005, written by an African kid.

When I was born, I black.
When I grow up, I black.
When I go in the sun, I black.
When I scared, I black.
When I sick, I black.
And when I die, I still black.

And you white fella,
When you born, you pink.
When you grow up, you white.
When you go in the sun, you red.
When you cold, you blue.
When you scared, you yellow.
When you sick, you green.
And when you die, you gray....And you calling me COLORED..?!

Haha....I cut this out from my bro's backdated blog last time...and kept it somewhere...till recently, I thought, why not post it up for everyone to read.......Enjoy!

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esther_da_one said...

haha..nice poem..
its also true :D