Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You wanna be like her??

Haha...these are definitely not my pictures. You know who is she???
My idol! Jang Nara!!
I love her and adore her. Why did I upload these pictures? Hah....
I am sure many girls out there that constantly complain of their imperfections,
"Owh...I have fat thighs"
" arms so flabby" (me!me!me!)
"Owh...I'm short"
"Owh...i have a bulging stomach"
"Owh...I wish my butt could have been smaller!"
Young girls often admire TV actresses, and harbor hope they could grow up to look like them. I was one of those retarded ones. I watched Nara when I was around form 4. She's not really pretty, but nobody can deny the fact that she's super duper cute! So, silly me, used to wish, if I can't grow up to be pretty, I don't mind being cute. ( Wrong wish)
Now that I'm finally reaching the age of 22. And of course, whether I have grown up to become cute or pretty could be properly justified now. =.='''
I realise the need for one to love yourself, see yourself as the perfect one, and learn to accept any imperfections.
Girls often have issue with being insecured about themselves. This could be seen from clear examples of people drowning themselves in self-criticism.
"Shit, I hate my hair, like broomstick"
"My legs are long, and my body is short, I'm so cacat"
"My butt is huge, I hate wearing pants"
"I'm flat chested"
The list can go on and a never ending story.
Nowadays I prefer to look at things with a different perception. Constantly living in insecurity, and having the need for people to keep reassuring oneself of being "nice", is not the way to go about. I realise, girls who go about trashing themselves to others, don't do that because they really think themselves as being that imperfect. But they usually do that, so that they can keep hearing others reassuing them on how NOT imperfect they are. (which, I'm sure, they already know so). This just shows the lack of confidence in oneself. And, I truly believe many people would agree with me that, a confident girl shines better than one who has a pretty face, hot body, but keep living in a state of not comfortable with herself.
I am sure if you pay more attention to me, you'll realise I don't go about condemning myself. I even turn my "shortness" into a joke. I am of course not proud to be short. But, since I am already short, why get upset over something that can't be changed? When I look at disabled people with no legs at all...I feel grateful that though I have short legs, but at least, I am given the chance to run, walk, dance, try on different pairs of shoes.......
If a girl go about thinking herself,what she possesses, as being so NOT right, then, how can she expect the rest of the world to think that she's right?? Weird, isn't it?
Yes, I admit, at times, I stil go about wondering,
-why can't my hair be like hers?
-why can't I be slightly taller?
-I want to be thin like her.
-I wish I have eyes like her.
Truth is, there are no ugly girls in this world. There are just lazy girls.
People are all born average looking, with some being an exception here. I'm talking generally.
All it takes, is just the trouble to dress oneself, some time spend to apply little makeup, and nobody can be certified as being genuinely helplessly, ugly. Really!

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