Thursday, August 25, 2011

Freshlook - Pure Hazel

My failed attempt with Freshlook Pure Hazel.
As I have mentioned in my blog previously, Freshlook colored contacts gave me a lot of problems, ranging from blocked vision to having uncomfortable feelings in the eyes.
Now, I hope the picture above summarised my frustration over Freshlook's colored contacts.
Take a close look, and you can see how the contact on my right eye has slided bit off my iris. Besides that, the contact lense on my left eye doesnt look like it fitted correctly.
I'll give a plus for the color as the color, Pure Hazel did manage to change the color of my eyes to some exotic looking cat's eyes, other than that, I am unable to sing any praises about Freshlook.
This is my first failed attempt with color contact lenses, however, I'm going to venture out to try other brands, maybe for a change, I'll look into Korean brands. I hope I'll get better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

i've never tried freshlooks before, but seems i won't be trying it after reading ur review :) i have minor astigmatism, so this will definitely not work well with my eyes. i recommend EOS lenses though, they feel very comfortable for me.

tingkabelle x

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Erny, already have lovely eyes, and traffic stopper attractive looks....sometimes not good to add or modify something that is already beautiful.
You just be yourself....and hold that lovely smile of you, and keep a song in your heart.
Stay beautiful,