Saturday, August 6, 2011

My cosmetic collections

I have been trying to avoid blogging these days because I think I am filled with so much negativity, I'll just emo my way through the entire blog post.
However, yesterday I went out for movie with my goodfriend Hooi Ling, watched Rise of the Planet Apes, absolutely awesome movie. We had Japanese food, and did a little shopping.
So I'm all buckled up for a more proper blogpost..and I guess I'll like to show you what's the latest cosmetic stuff I've gotten myself.

This is freshlook color contact lens. I am currently wearing the pair in "Pure Hazel", will take pictures of my eyes the next time I put them on. Freshlook is not exactly cosmetic lens. I am wearing the ones with proper power for my eyes. However, I think I might get myself real cosmetic lens instead as I've read many reviews on Korean cosmetic lens being more comfortable than these Freshlook ones. And, really, I can't imagine anything being more uncomfortable than Freshlook color contacts. Not only was I able to feel the lens in my eyes the entire time, they dry out pretty quickly in my eyes, and I don't normally suffer from any dry eye problem, so it kinda surprised me. The worst part is, they blurred my vision. I am assuming because the color on the rim of the lens kind of block part of my vision. However, after talking to another friend who wore real cosmetic lens, she said she doesnt have such problems with any of her Korean lens. So, I really don't recommend Freshlook.

These are my powder/ foundation/ BB creams. I have enough of products to cover my face from flaws, and from now on, I'd rather invest in good facials and products to maintain my face. Foundations only serve as temporary solution.

These are my lip products. I adore my first ever MAC Angel, as you can see, it is still well kept in the box!!! And of course, I love my Revlon Soft Nude given by Hooi Ling as a birthday gift. Revlon soft nude is very moisturising, and the color payoff is perfect for me.

People who know me well, definitely know my obsessions over blushes. But currently, I don't have many blushes in collection. I am trying to save for a Bobbi Brown shocking pink looking blush. I think that would need to wait till I'm earning other currency.

At last!!! My nail polish collections. I only have 5 bottles here. I have many more at home. I'm planning to buy myself a plastic drawer so that I can start buying more nail polish :-)

I hate it now that I have to place all of them in a basket on my dressing table. They have dust all over them. ARGH!

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