Sunday, August 21, 2011

Puppy the adorable poodle.

My mum came home one day, and told me that my neighbour has this beautiful poodle.
I asked her, "how big is it?"
Mum said, "go see for yourself."
So I invited my sister to pay the poodle a visit.
When I got there, my neighbour's dad was outside, and I told him, "Uncle, I am here to see your poodle. How big is it?"
And Uncle's reply to me was, " oh, you see for yourself."
Hmmm..I wonder why.
Then I heard him telling his daughter to bring Puppy out for me to see.
I enquired again, "Uncle,so it is stil a puppy?"
Uncle said, " wait and see..."

The door open, and out came this big poodle jumping up and down. I was shock.
Then I heard the daughter calling out to the poodle,
"Puppy come. Puppy don't bark.", its not a puppy anymore. It's a big dog named PUPPY!!!

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